The Stories We (Don't) Tell

Social media is strange. “I hate it. I love it. I HATE it. I’m QUITTING. I’M SO SERIOUS, THIS TIME.” *Scroll, scroll.* “Ok, wow, that was really insightful. Maybe I’ll give it another week.” That’s sort of my relationship with social media in a nutshell. It turns out I can’t really quit it because it’s how many people in my circle/church/etc. communicate and the way things are administrated and the way to blah blah blah. And much of the time I resent this, but then there are those tweets or statuses or instas or whatever that I read that cause to me to pause and think, that encourage me just when I really need encouragement, or that shift my perspective. I think it will always be a love/hate relationship, but such is the modern world.

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