A Post + An Announcement!

Who am I?


That’s a complicated question.


So many voices thunder over each other, competing to tell me who I am. Am I Mother? Am I friend? Am I the sum of all the mistakes I’ve made, or conversely, all the good things I’ve done? Am I who my spouse thinks I am? Am I who my parents said I was? Am I the love I give? Am I the love I receive?  


Many of us hang our identity on our vocation, or on the issues and projects we’re passionate about. That’s easy and natural to do, but what happens when those things change? Or when we’re not as successful at those things as we’d like to be?


Many of us listen to that voice in our heads that tells us we’re not enough, or that we’ll never rise above what we’ve done in the past. What makes that voice so dangerous is it’s subtlety. It’s not usually brazen or overt, but a quiet, well-timed seedling of doubt that plants itself in our mind. That seed is then watered by little experiences, other people’s comments, or our own self-criticism. 


Some of us have allowed other people to define us, whether it be a parent, a friend, a spouse, a boss, or a teacher. We’ve been labeled and boxed in, and we’ve slowly grafted ourselves into that identity, playing the part of the script we were handed. 


But is that truly our script to follow? Is that truly the character we were meant to be?


To discern who we truly are, at our very core, we must dig deeper than all this. We have to look past our life experiences, past our interests, our jobs, our families, our roles, and the labels we’ve worn. We were created for a purpose, and that purpose won’t be fulfilled if we don’t know our true identity. 


I think this is an issue with which we all have to grapple. Who or what do we allow to define us? Our identity is the crucial foundation for our lives, and without a solid one, the storms of life will absolutely topple us. I’ve watched it happen, unfortunately. But I’ve also witnessed many times the beautiful transformation in a person who begins to grasp who they truly are for the first time, or who is reminded of their identity after years or life circumstances have caused them to forget. Knowing our identity and walking in it is one of the most powerful things we can do.  


Because I am so passionate about the importance of knowing who we are, I wrote a 7-day devotional that dives into the topic of identity. I’m so excited to share it with you! If you join my mailing list, you’ll receive a copy for free, my gift to you!


Each day includes scriptures to study, a reflection from me, and journaling prompts to help guide your journey into discovering who you are. Maybe you know already, but life has thrown you a few bumps, and you could use a reminder. I need reminders more often than I’d like to admit. It's organized in a 7-day format, but it would also be a great tool for small groups to use over a 7-week period, or for a group of friends to do together!


Coinciding with the release of my new devotional, I’ll enter into a series here on the blog, delving into our identity as children of God. I’ve asked a few special people to guest post for the series, and I can’t wait for you to meet them! They have amazing stories and profound wisdom, and I know we all have a lot to learn from them. For the 3 Fridays following the release of the ebook, we’ll be hearing from 3 amazing women with three very different life experiences, and on Mondays I’ll publish a post by me. My hope is that dedicating a month-long focus to the topic of our identity will encourage us all to re-root ourselves in who we truly are, so that we all have strong foundations upon which to build our lives.

I hope you'll join me on this journey! 

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