Welcome to My New Website!

I’m so excited to share my new home with you!

We (and by we I mean my husband, but whatever—you don’t need those details) have been working hard on an upgrade for this little blog.

So because I’m up for any excuse to PARTAY, we’re gonna CELEBRATE!!! 

I feel a little like I’m moving from a studio apartment into a three bedroom cottage with a backyard and a brand new dishwasher. So this is basically my housewarming party! I’m sorry that, since this is a cyber party, there will be no hors d’oeuvres or drinks. I’m told teleporting food through “the internets” is not a thing yet. Scientists, I love you. But ya got some work to do. 


I’m bursting at the seams, so let me tell you how we’re celebrating:

A brand new monthly newsletter 

My hope is that this new website will be a place that offers connection with one another, not just a blank notebook for scribbling my thoughts. I want this to be a home with plenty of space for friends to gather, where it feels like you’ve walked into my living room and that we’re having coffee or Mountain Dew or whatever is your drug, err, I mean drink of choice.

So the newsletter is me offering you a seat on my couch, and hoping that you’ll write back and cozy up for a chat. These monthly emails will be more personal stories and content that won’t be posted on the blog, because, you know, I’m going to say different things to a friend sitting on my couch than I would post for the world. 

**NOTE: I’ll no longer be doing “My Favorites” posts on the blog, but I’ll be including them in my monthly emails, so be sure to join the mailing list so you won’t miss out!

A New Devotional that releases February 28th

I wrote this devotional for one simple reason: I needed it. So if you’re feeling stressed, overbooked, and overwhelmed, know that I’m there too, and I’m walking this journey with you. If your life feels a little overloaded, and you need to clear some space to clear your head, join me. The devotional follows the six weeks of Lent, with each week devoted to working through different types of “clutter” that get in the way of clear, open communion with God. When Easter arrives, I believe the journey will have left our souls free and spacious with room to breathe.  

C’mon. Be honest. Who doesn’t like gifts?! As a thank you for celebrating with me, I’m giving away a copy of UNCLUTTERED: A Lenten Devotional for the Overcrowded Life to everyone who joins the mailing list. Sign up right here to get your copy!



Ok, not really. I lied. But isn’t this new home just so much prettier? And you wonderful, faithful friends who read my blog deserve to look at something far better than what I’ve offered you thus far. You have earned it, by golly.

I want to say thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts, for your feedback, and for being a big reason that I do this. It really means the world to me. So please, make yourself at home, sign up to receive the monthly letter and pick up a gift!