Welcome to the Family

Well, today this happened: fselfie

I think you can guess my feelings. I’m TERRIFIED. I’m worried the tank will get knocked over and nasty fish water will spill everywhere. I’m worried the fish will die and that our daughters will be crushed by the grief. I’m worried we’ll forget to feed them and they will suffer starvation. I’m worried I’ll do something wrong when I clean the tank (I have no idea what that even means!!) or change the water and they’ll be shocked to death by a wrong water temperature. Gracious, there are a million ways to die as a fish.


But, against all my better judgement and all my TOTALLY rational fears, these fish are here. In our house. Under our care.


Lord help us all.


Who knows, maybe Audrey will be very loyal and committed to her Betta, and this will magically teach her all kinds of responsibility. Or maybe they’re doomed. I guess we’ll see.


In the meantime, if you’re an animal lover, it may be beneficial for you to throw some prayers this way. I’m sure “Daisy” and “yet-to-be-named” would appreciate it.