My Favorites

So, remember when I was going to do that thing where I share "My Favorites" on a regular basis? Yeah, apparently I'm terrible at follow through. And I'm also terrible at "regular basis". My apologies, friends. I've been reading lately, but not as much as usual because we've been trying to get in the "homeschool groove". (More on that later, Lord help us all.) But it was recently my birthday, which means I got loaded up with some new reading material!!! (Cue "Hallelujah chorus") Can I just say that a quiet house, a glass of red, and a good book is like the most holy trifecta on planet earth?? Because it is. I need to schedule an "alone-time" date for myself soon.

Do yourself a favor, and cozy up with this book I'm about to show you. I'll be honest, this is more for the ladies, but if you ARE a lady, it's an absolute MUST READ. Grab an americano, or a cup of tea, or a glass of your favorite vino and settle in. You won't want to put it down. And if you're like me and enjoy tattooing your books with lines and scribbles, grab a pen and a highlighter because you won't be able to stop underlining ALL THE WORDS. They're all so, so good. Jen Hatmaker is like the best friend we all want to have, and reading this book is like a bestie night. Tons of laughs and SO much relief.


This book relieved me of some pretty heavy burdens I didn't even know I was carrying, and I think it will take a weight off your shoulders, too. It's an invitation to lay down all your trying and be free. It's an invitation to be real and vulnerable and honest, and still love yourself despite all your quirks and flaws, because GLORY HALLELUJAH, God does. It's an invitation to take a fresh look at life, and start living it in the most fun, most rewarding, and most grace-filled way. So please, spend some time with For the Love in the next few weeks. You won't regret it. Promise.

For those of you who don't know, I have always lived with a musician. My mom is an incredible pianist, one of my roomies in college was a keyboardist, and I married a worship leader. So basically, I have never lived without a constant soundtrack. My husband and I first held hands on the way home from a concert (It was Jack Johnson, in case you're wondering. I know, incredibly uncool but I just can't freakin' help it. Sometimes you just really need stoner summertime music, you know?) And to this day, one of our favorite things to do together is go to shows. In fact, for my most recent birthday he bought me tickets to see Jason Isbell. Love that man.

Anyway, I figure since music is just as much a part of my life as reading and breathing (I would say sleeping, but I've got kids, so you know how that is), I'll throw in one or two albums that have made it into my soundtrack lately.

shakenThe first one is We Will Not Be Shaken by Bethel Music. It's absolutely been getting me through the last couple months. Every time I put on any song from this album I immediately feel God come near. He's always with us, but sometimes it's nice to take time to notice and to soak it in. That's what this album does for me.

goldThe next one is The State of Gold by Matt Pond PA. It's the perfect album for the transition from summer to fall. It'll make you happy.

So that's it. My favorites, lately. What are you reading and loving? What is challenging you and changing you? What are you listening to?