About Katherine

Hello, there! So glad you dropped by! I hope you feel welcome, and that you’ll kick off your shoes and stay awhile. 

I believe in the power of storytelling, so that's what this space is all about. Born in Kentucky, I spent my childhood in the rural "hollers" of Appalachia. I ended up in the flat, spacious land of the midwest and ended up making my home here, but there's a lot of Kentucky still in this blood of mine.   

Here are a few other things you should know about me:

I am a child of God. Being loved by God is the defining mark of who I am. I’ve been rescued by the love of Jesus, so my life is really his story. It’s no surprise, then, that I often write about my spirituality and faith here. 

I am the proud spouse of my very best friend in all the world. When I was 16, this really cute guy held the door for me. But I had a boyfriend at the time, and this blonde-haired blue-eyed boy drove me crazy. I mean that very literally. I couldn’t stand him at first, and I had a really bad attitude about it. We served on a worship team together where I finally got over myself and we eventually became friends. It turns out, he was an amazing friend, and a wonderful person. It also turns out that the boyfriend and me were not right for each other. 

And then, a couple years later, the blue-eyed boy and I got married, because I guess it’s true that opposites attract. He’s still one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known, and it’s the great privilege of my life to be his partner. He is prominent in my story because we have held each other up, run together, and shaped each other these years we’ve been together. So I write about our relationship and what it’s taught me about life, marriage and faith.

I am a mom. We’re in the midst of raising two strong girls who are bursting at the seams with personality, and who challenge and delight us every day. I prayed for strong girls, and friends, you can’t tell me God doesn’t answer prayer. They got strength in spades. They will change the world someday, if they don’t kill me first. I learn more from them than from thousands of books, and being their mom is another great privilege of my life. 

Motherhood, and the (mis)adventures of our little family is a theme that makes a recurring appearance here as well. I hope it either encourages you, makes you laugh, or at the very least makes you feel better about how you’re doing as a parent. Because, phew. Let’s be honest: parenting is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Solidarity, fellow parents.

I am a writer. Like any other human being, I have to breathe to survive. Inhale, exhale. For me, reading is oxygen, and writing is the release. I write to exhale and to make sense of my life and faith. I hope that what you read here will somehow help you make sense of yours, as well.

Welcome, friend. I’d love to learn more about you and your story! It’s a thrill for me to hear from readers, and I do my best to reply as quickly as possible. So reach out and let’s get to know each other!

I hope you’ll return many times, but if today is the last you stop by here, and you only remember one thing, please remember that you are loved.